18 Alex Fisher Drive, Burleigh Heads

Cycle through projects

This site was previously earmarked for a concrete plant on one of Burleigh’s remaining industrial blocks.

Our client Annabel Trends purchased the block in 2011 and approached us to design and construct a new purpose built facility for warehousing, manufacture, dispatch and office space. They had grown out of their two existing buildings locally and needed to combine their operation into a single location. The overall building floor area is nearly 3000m² comprising a 1300m² warehouse component 11m high (W2). The warehouse has an all-weather loading dock and was specifically designed for pallet racking. The ground floor of warehouse one (W1) is used for processing and packing orders ready for dispatch. The upper level comprises an additional storage area and a 450m² office for the administration, sales and design teams.

With the use of diverse building materials such as texture coated tilt panels (in various colours), commercial glazing and alpolic sheeting the building offers a functional industrial layout with a modern commercial appearance usually found in some of the more upmarket estates.

“Our builder, Clarke’s Design and Construct, has done an outstanding job and the relocation marks a new chapter for the company. The new warehouse enables us to process orders more efficiently and to move in new and brighter directions. It also enables us to stamp our personality on our premises and to set the tone for the business for years to come”. Sally Dunn.

18 Alex Fisher Drive, Burleigh Heads
Annabel Trends
Land Size: 5780m2
Building Size: 2926m2
Site Cover: 43%