At Clarke’s, we expertly handle each aspect of the commercial or industrial construction process.

Stage 1

Planning & Feasibility

It’s vital that development plans are designed to suit your needs as well as the site and its surrounding environment. We take the time to do this properly.

When assessing a block of land for commercial or industrial construction, we’ll check the topography, levels and surrounding elements that can have flow on effects with the build. With our design process, we’re more interested in understanding your needs and maintaining a cost-effective approach than focusing on something that might win an award. Plus, managing the design and build in-house means you don’t need to navigate the often tricky relationship between the designer and the builder.

The Design Process

Stage 2

Development & building approval

The development and approval process of a commercial or industrial construction can be painful but it’s vital you get it right to avoid building schedule delays.

Hand the headache of council approval and project management over to us. We’ll assess the layout against the relevant council town plan, arrange for a town planner to conduct a preliminary assessment of the development and then prepare for final approval. Using private certifiers to approve the building works and check the designs against the National Construction Code ensures the process remains simple and efficient. We’ll then submit the documents for approval on your behalf.

Building Approval Process

Stage 3


This is where the fun begins! With all approvals in place, we’ll kick off the construction phase of your industrial or commercial building project, handling every aspect through until handover.

Firstly, our in-house drafting team complete the plans and workshop drawings ready for construction and fabrication. Preparing the site is next with our team establishing temporary fencing, sheds, containers and staff amenities while the site is stripped and cleared ready for development. Once foundations have been completed, construction can commence and you’ll begin to see your commercial or industrial vision come to life.

If you’ve opted for landscaping, we’ll complete this along with any other council requirements, before handing over the keys at completion of the project.

The Construction Process