$50 million boost for Queensland’s construction industry

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) has launched its million Training Plan to increase Queensland’s immediate construction workforce capacity while preparing for future infrastructure needs.

With increases in infrastructure work across that state, the plan aims to support the industry in getting ready for the avalanche of transport, health, renewable and Olympics projects on the horizon.

CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said Queensland’s construction industry would continue to operate under familiar pressures over the next 12 months as it works to deliver large government projects alongside other streams.

“We are entering a unique cycle for the construction industry where all sectors and regions will be active, and this is going to bring challenges,” says Mr Schimming. “CSQ is tracking $49 billion of construction that will be underway over the next 12 months, and this is shared almost evenly across building and engineering work.”

“The page has been turned on the housing boom and we are now in our civil and commercial chapter, but plenty of houses still need to be built because there is still a backlog of work flowing through and because Queensland still has a housing supply issue.

“Looking further down the track there is going to be an unprecedented clustering of major projects – hospitals, roads, renewables and Olympics – all competing for finite human resources.”

Mr Schimming said the construction sector needs a real plan to find skilled workers in preparation for the huge body of work ahead.

“CSQ’s Training Plan is a response to this environment, and it recognises that unfortunately there is no silver bullet,” he said. “We need to be developing capacity within big projects, growing our own skilled workers, and attracting new people to construction.”

“This is a workforce development task unlike we’ve seen before, and CSQ will be delivering immediate support while developing longer-term strategies and solutions.”

Mr Schimming said ongoing training and upskilling is going to be a critical lifeline to the busy construction industry.

“CSQ is putting the call out to trade and site workers, and sub-contractors, to add to your skill set, get new work tickets and take advantage of this opportunity,” he added. “CSQ has registered an increase in local training enrolments, and we’ve seen strong growth in employment of construction apprentices.”

“There are currently 26,100 apprentices across Queensland – that’s an 11 per cent increase from last year.

“CSQ funded training is available for individuals and businesses of all sizes – from small mum and dad trade operators to huge workforces working on major projects.”

CSQ funding covers most and often all the costs of eligible training for workers and businesses in the construction industry.

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