Frank Heck Close, Beenleigh

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1-3 Frank Heck Close, Beenleigh

Project Brief: Design and Construct of Purpose-Built Warehouse Facility in West Beenleigh, QLD

Project Overview: The objective of this commercial construction project is to design and construct a purpose-built warehouse facility for our client in West Beenleigh, Queensland. The primary goal is to enhance the client’s operational efficiency and overall functionality by providing a state-of-the-art facility tailored to their specific needs.

Location: The project site is situated in the West Beenleigh industrial area in South East Queensland.

Project Features:

  1. Street Frontage: Ensure an aesthetically pleasing and functional street frontage that aligns with local regulations and enhances the overall appeal of the facility.
  2. High-Level Finishes: Implement high-quality finishes throughout the facility, both externally and internally, to reflect the professionalism and quality associated with our client’s business.
  3. Multi-level Office Layout: Design and construct a multi-level office space to accommodate the client’s administrative needs, promoting a conducive and efficient work environment.
  4. Large Warehouse: Provide a spacious and well-organized warehouse area to facilitate effective storage and logistics operations.
  5. Warehouse Motorised Roller Doors: Install three motorized roller doors for efficient loading and unloading operations, ensuring ease of access for various-sized vehicles.
  6. Kitchen: Include a fully-equipped kitchen space within the facility to cater to the needs of employees and visitors.
  7. Bathroom and Disabled Bathroom: Design and construct modern bathroom facilities, including a dedicated disabled bathroom, in compliance with accessibility standards.
  8. Office Air Conditioning: Implement a comprehensive air conditioning system for the office spaces, ensuring a comfortable working environment year-round.
  9. Entry Foyer Area: Create an inviting and functional entry foyer area that serves as a welcoming space for clients, visitors, and employees.
  10. Car Parking: Provide a total of 17 car parking spaces, including designated disability parking spaces and bike spaces, to accommodate the needs of employees and visitors.
  11. Location Considerations: Ensure that the design and construction comply with local zoning regulations, building codes, and any other relevant requirements in the West Beenleigh area.
1-3 Frank Heck Close, Beenleigh
Clarke's Design and Construct
December 2023
Land Size: 2000m2
Building Size: 1536m2
Site Cover: 56.7%