145 Quinns Hill Road East, Stapylton

Cycle through projects

This is a project that began back in 2008 but had to be put on hold due to the GFC.

In 2013 we were able to take control of the project again and get things moving. This included managing the development approval process from scratch, since the original approval had lapsed in the interim.

This build was stage one of a two stage project. The first stage was for a large size 10,000m² commercial building on a 4 hectare site in the Gold Coast suburb of Stapylton.

We worked with a large team of expert consultants and managed the entire project from development approval through to the finished construction. Working with the right people is critical and it enabled us to complete this large project in the timeframe originally planned.

One of the benefits of building your own facility is that you can design the building to fit specifically what you need and to fit with your business and its efficient operation. We designed this building specific to the requirements of our client’s manufacturing needs using tilt panel construction. The building needed to be 12 metres in height, include loading bays and be a streamlined manufacturing facility to get product in/out in the most efficient way possible.

We needed to increase the thickness of the concrete floor to accommodate the weight in the coil storage area. The building also had to house two 5 tonne gantry cranes. In addition to this we had to upgrade the road in accordance with Council requirements.

For the second stage of this development we will be building another separate construction of up to 10,000m².

145 Quinns Hill Road East, Stapylton
Centurion Garage Doors & OzRoll Industries
Land Size: 40,000m2
Building Size: 10,000m2
Site Cover: 24%