Project Snapshot

Location:  38 Prairie Road, Yatala
Client: Major Training
Land Size: 17138m²
Building Size: 1995m²
Site Cover: 12%
Carparking: 32
Year completed:  2007

Project Brief

Building one is part of a small industrial estate we designed in Yatala.

Our client had a large parcel of land, which was only earning him land rent. The brief was to design a series of buildings ranging in size up to 2000m² which could be divided into smaller tenancies if required.

The estate will have a total of thirteen buildings split into 3 stages with a concrete road looping on and off Prairie Road for access. To allow the development a speedy approval through Council, it was designed in accordance with the town plan and as a result was deemed ‘self-assessable’ and was approved in a matter of weeks not months or years!