Project Snapshot

Location:  1 Gateway Court Coomera
Global Footcare 
Land Size: 3265m²
Building Size:  1768m²
Site Cover: 51%
Carparking:  24
Year completed:  2017

Project Brief

We have designed Global Footcare a generous warehouse & office, we had to carry out a full MCU due some very specific zoning requirements. We successfully navigated the planning issues and the tight site. A few other key features include:

  • Office design and signage panel maximising exposure
  • 1394m2 of warehouse custom designed to the clients intricate raking layout
  • Architectural building design meeting councils strict zoning issues in a marine precinct
  • High site cover
  • Large administration areas giving the customer flexibility of how to layout their staffing work stations

This building is really the talk of Coomera and given it is being built in record time and looks amazing so it should.

Completed in 2017