Packed to the Rafters

At Clarke’s Design & Construct we have said goodbye to internal warehouse columns in one of our recently completed industrial buildings at 35 Harrington Street, Arundel.

This building not only looks great, but it is also functional for a business looking to maximise the internal space of their warehouse. Our in house design team put this together for a developer who wanted something that wasn’t so common to the existing properties or new stock within the Arundel Industrial Zone.

The result, a large warehouse (1547m²) and office with no internal columns supporting the roof structure providing a massive internal clear span area of 30 meters wide.  So whoever ends up moving in will be able to use every square inch of the internal warehouse without losing floor space due to those troublesome protruding columns that you would normally find in the area.

At Clarke’s Design & Construct we are all about maximising the opportunity for our clients and providing solutions that are practical, in line with market demand and well thought out.  Over recent years there has been a distinct shift towards ensuring that the whole area is usable.

Given the ever increasing cost to land and its availability, why not use the concrete tilt panel as an integral support member for the roof structure to aid in maximising space.  As you can see below, Clarke’s are really listening to what people are looking for in their commercial and industrial properties.

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