Not Just a Pretty Face! Aluminium Composite Cladding (ACC)

At Clarke’s Design & Construct we love making the buildings we design standout from the pack. Without giving away too many secrets we throw on some ACC panels and Bob’s your uncle, easy enough …

35 Harrington Street – Arundel


ACC can add dimension, colour and that very important street appeal to any building facade.  Savvy building owners know they need to protect their asset from being, just another building with flat painted faces! As you can see by the buildings completed by Clarke’s Design & Construct.

What people don’t understand is there are many benefits to using a product like ACC other than an increased aesthetic value. ACC panels are generally good for the environment; they do not contain any CFC’s or VOC’s.

The core of the product does not contain any nitrogen, chlorine or sulphur. Oh, and did I mention it can be recycled, so having a product that now looks great and is environmentally friendly has to be a winner!

But wait … there’s still more:

  • Cleaning and maintenance, once every few years.
  • Warranty, generally 20 years.
  • Onsite WHS, easy to handle, cut and install.

Still not convinced?

So what’s the catch? Well for a wall panel with so many features it must be expensive, if you were to clad the entire building.  Then it could be considered as cost prohibitive.

Although if you ask Clarke’s where, why and how we can show you how best to allocate less than $300 bucks a square metre without breaking the bank and making your building look and feel amazing as you can see with some of the buildings we have completed recently.

Harvey’s Prestige – Coomera

Clarke’s HO – Arundel

Centurion Garage Doors – Stapylton

Hemisphere Living – Helensvale

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