5 tips for commercial property design

It’s important that commercial businesses are both functional for workers and, where relevant, inviting for customers. This is why the design of your commercial property is so integral to the success of the business.

You want it to reflect the business that utilises it. Some of this comes down to the internal design, of course, but the structural design and finishes are just as important.

Here are five tips to help you when embarking on your commercial property design journey.

For customer-based businesses, entrance is everything

When it comes to commercial property design for businesses that welcome customers and clients, you really want the entrance to make a statement. Essentially you want to leave a lasting impression that not only makes people want to enter but to come back again and again. This is where a sense of entry is crucial, as is the use of colours and lighting. Then of course the décor around the entrance can help to add those final touches. Check out these office receptions and lobbies for some inspiration.

Windows and lighting make all the difference

No one wants to work in or come back to a dark, dingy space. Make sure that you consider the aspect of the block when designing your commercial property to enhance natural lighting as much as possible. Not only will it be more inviting for workers and customers, it will also help you save bucketloads in electricity.

Flow for the win

You know those houses where you have to walk through a bedroom to get to a bathroom? It feels odd right? Well, flow is equally important in commercial property design. You don’t want an office to become a main thoroughfare or for customers to have to backtrack to get from one part of your store to another. You also don’t want each area to look or feel different, so it’s best to maintain continuity of materials throughout.

Functionality is key

Each business will have its own unique needs, so functionality should be based around the type of business that will be utilising the space. As such, in cases where you’re looking to lease your commercial property to any kind of business, it’s sometimes best to keep the design as minimal as possible so that they can adjust the fit out if required. If you know exactly who will be utilising the space, it’s always a good idea to chat to the business owner and get them involved in the design process from the outset.

Always do what you can to optimise space

Space is important when it comes to optimising the block of land you’re building on. This is where working with an experienced builder can make all the difference. Make sure you work with a builder who specialises in commercial property design and understands how to best utilise space on a block of land.

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