How to Make Sure Your Building is Designed Cost Effectively, Potentially Saving you Thousands

We’ve had a number of clients in the past that can’t believe what we can construct for them at the price quoted.

Check out this video from a client whom we’ve recently finished a build for. They were just about to sign up with another builder when we first spoke to them. They couldn’t believe how much we could save them. 

One of the main reasons we are able to do this is because we do the designs as well. We focus on producing plans based on cost effective construction instead of something that will win a prize.

So make sure you engage a designer who will focus on producing plans based on cost effective construction instead of their ego.

Over the past 12 years too often we’ve seen designs that look great on paper but proper thought hasn’t been given to the most cost effective way to construct the building.

And the builder will often construct straight from the plans without even checking if there is a more cost effective way to construct your building. This can waste thousands of your $$$.

Some of the key things you can do to reduce the construction costs include:

  • Moving the location of drains
  • Changing the roof pitch
  • Having the structure facing the other way

So when you select a designer/architect make sure they understand the building process and know how to design a building to minimise construction costs.

The best thing to do is select one that specialises in this area and is part of or works closely with or is a builder who also specialises in commercial and industrial construction.

This is why at Clarke’s Design and Construct we’ve setup our business to complete the design and construction process for our clients. Making sure we’re building cost effectively while still achieving the result they want.

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