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Development & Building Approval

Getting your development and building approval is hard work. It can be a painful process, but it’s an important link in the chain.

You need to make sure you get it right; otherwise, it can delay your building schedule massively, causing you headaches, stress, and delayed deadlines. Detailed steps must be followed to ensure the correct approvals are granted.

Building Approval Process

Development Approval Preparation

Once the design is complete and agreed on, we’ll assess the layout against the relevant Council Town Plan, arrange for a Town Planner to conduct a preliminary assessment of the development and then prepare for development approval.

Submit Development Approval

We’ll then submit the development approval and liaise with the council to make sure they have everything they need to process the approval.

Preparing for Building Approval

Once we have the development approval, we will then organise all of the other consultants’ designs, such as structural, civil, hydraulic, electrical, and landscaping, ready for the building approval application.

We’ll use private certifiers to approve the building works. They will check all of the designs against the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards ready for local council to review, helping to make the process quick and easy.

Submitting for Building Approval

We’ll then submit the building approval and liaise with local council to make sure they have everything they need to process the approval.

Development and Building Approval Granted

Once the development and building approvals have been granted, we’ll ensure that the conditions of approval are achievable and there haven’t been any changes requested by the local council or certifier.

Then, upon receipt of the approval and stamped plans, we will gear-up the next stage of the process – construction.

Project Coordination

It’s important that all the consultants work well together. The best way to do this, is to have a builder to drive the whole process. This helps prevent the application from getting caught up with requests for more information.

That’s why we complete the whole process for you. We use our experience to coordinate with all the consultants to make sure you get your approvals as quickly as possible.

Capability Statement

Download our capability statement to find out about Clarke’s Design & Construct including our construction services as well as our company profile and some of our previous work.

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