The most important step in any building process is the design. You need to make sure your development is designed to suit your needs, the site and its surrounding environment.


We decided to bring the design process in-house at Clarke’s Design & Construct as we often found designs for industrial and commercial buildings were done without thinking about the construction process; they focused more on designing something that might win an award, than something that is cost-effective to build!

The Design Process

Review the Land

We will inspect your block of land, including checking the topography, levels and surrounding elements.

Requirements Analysis

We will meet with you to identify exactly what you’re looking for from your building.

If you’re a business owner, we’ll review the needs for the business including designing operational efficiency and future plans into the design.  If you’re an investor, we’ll make sure the design includes everything needed to attract potential tenants.

Hand-Drawn Sketch-Up

From the detailed analysis we’ll complete a hand-drawn sketch of the initial ideas for your building.

Detailed Design Analysis

We’ll consider how the brief fits with the land size and shape, council requirements and town planning.

We’ll look at traffic movements, truck sizes, loading and unloading requirements, as well as considering how to best use materials to efficiently design the building and keep in line with your overall required concept.

3D CAD Drawings

Once all of the above information is collated, we will draw the development up in CAD. We’ll then prepare the preliminary design including a full site plan and some 3D images.

The 3D images let you view in detail what your building will look like, giving you a real sense of how the building will appear when completed. We can also do a video ‘walk-through’ of your project so you can get a feel for the exterior and interior while still at the planning stage.

This ensures that the designs are prepared according to your specifications. It also allows you to make changes and select building materials and colours before work begins on site, avoiding costly changes or holdups in construction.

Bringing the Design In-House

By bringing the design process in-house we are able to use our expertise in the construction process to make sure the buildings are designed to be cost-effective to build, while still giving you what you need.

It also enables us to manage the whole process for you, meaning you don’t have to manage the relationship between the designer and the builder.

We’ve helped many clients save thousands of dollars in excess construction costs and saved them time by managing the whole process for them.

Capability Statement

Download our capability statement to find out about Clarke’s Design & Construct including our construction services as well as our company profile and some of our previous work.

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