Clarke’s are Going Full Tilt …

Tilt-up was first used in America circa 1905. In 1908 Robert Akin patented the tilt-slab method of concrete construction used in the construction of the Schindler House. Early erection was done using tilt tables, but the development of the mobile crane and truck mixers allowed tilt-up construction to grow. Tilt-up gained widespread popularity in the post World War II construction boom. Tilt-up was not used successfully in Australia until 1969.

Most early tilt-up buildings were warehouses. Today the method is used in nearly every type of building from schools to office structures, houses to hotels. They range from single story to more than seven and can be more than 29 metres in height.
An early example of this method is found in the innovative Schindler House, built in 1922 in West Hollywood, California, USA.

Architect Rudolf Schindler claimed that with the assistance of a small hand-operated crane, just two workmen were needed to raise and attach the tilt-up walls.

And boy haven’t we evolved …

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