The Grudge Match!

Welcome to the Clarke’s Design & Construct Floor Covering Grudge Match …

In the blue corner weighing in at $90 per m² is Hyper-floor and in the red corner weighing in at $108 per m² Porcelain Tiles.

What we have seen recently is a distinct shift towards polished concrete and as it appears it’s not just for the looks.  For years Clarke’s Design & Construct have been really proud of our high quality and millimetre perfect construction techniques on our Commercial & Industrial buildings.

The owner of Clarke’s Design & Construct, Andrew Clarke has an eye for perfection and he has drilled it into us that when it comes to delivery and quality… “if it’s not perfect you are not finished“, so the use of an otherwise un-loved structural slab has now got a new use.

Our highly skilled tradies were already spending their time getting our slabs as flat as an ice rink so with the addition of some steel mesh to minimise the risk of shrinkage cracks and series of grinding, hardening agents and polishing pads… voila!

This has provided not only Clarke’s HO with an amazing low maintenance, chic and hard wearing finish, but also a long list of our clients that have the same feelings towards Polished Concrete.  Those clients include:

Centurion Garage Doors


Hemisphere Living


Clarke’s Design & Construct

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Packed to the Rafters

At Clarke’s Design & Construct we have said goodbye to internal warehouse columns in one of our recently completed industrial buildings at 35 Harrington Street, Arundel.

This building not only looks great, but it is also functional for a business looking to maximise the internal space of their warehouse. Our in house design team put this together for a developer who wanted something that wasn’t so common to the existing properties or new stock within the Arundel Industrial Zone.

The result, a large warehouse (1547m²) and office with no internal columns supporting the roof structure providing a massive internal clear span area of 30 meters wide.  So whoever ends up moving in will be able to use every square inch of the internal warehouse without losing floor space due to those troublesome protruding columns that you would normally find in the area.

At Clarke’s Design & Construct we are all about maximising the opportunity for our clients and providing solutions that are practical, in line with market demand and well thought out.  Over recent years there has been a distinct shift towards ensuring that the whole area is usable.

Given the ever increasing cost to land and its availability, why not use the concrete tilt panel as an integral support member for the roof structure to aid in maximising space.  As you can see below, Clarke’s are really listening to what people are looking for in their commercial and industrial properties.

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Winners Are Grinners!

Clarke’s Design & Construct have taken out the Master Builders Award for Commercial Buildings up to $5 million with the recently completed development for the new Buildsafe Headquarters at 20 Newheath Drive, Arundel.

The project took roughly nine months to complete which was designed and constructed with a very high level of quality finishes and features throughout.

The judges were very impressed with the use of different ‘industrial’ products such as raw concrete stairs, the replica container for a meeting room and open plan work areas blending through to the staff lunch rooms and high end break-out areas.

“Apart from the high quality of product we provide our clients, it’s our attention to detail and the service we provide along the way that is second to none. These two factors alone win us referral work and repeat business time after time,” said Andrew Clarke.

The development for Buildsafe at Newheath Drive, Arundel has now been entered into the Master Builders State Awards next month.

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Award Trophy
Award Trophy

27% Cheaper To Build Than Rent!

As we all know the RBA reduced the cash rate by 25 basis points last month due to the global economy continuing to grow at a lower than average pace.  This has brought commercial lending rates lower than they have been for decades.

Commercial rates are now sitting around the mid to high 4’s with most of the major institutions requiring 30% equity from either property or cash.

With rates now reduced to an all-time low and leasing costs for industrial and commercial buildings now on a steady climb we investigated whether it was better to build or rent?

We conducted three case studies for Industrial developments worth $2m each in Brisbane, Yatala and the Gold Coast.  Based on borrowing the full $2m and being 100% geared, borrowing at a rate of 4.8% pa, on an interest only loan, we found that buying was between 23% to 27% cheaper than renting.

So, is it better to buy industrial land and build or rent an existing property?  Well the answer is clear that with the current interest rates it’s cheaper to build.

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