Market Update on Commercial Construction

With the holiday season well behind us now, we are powering into the New Year full steam ahead.  With a positive lift in activity towards the end of 2015 we have several new projects commencing in South East Queensland this year.

These are a mix of investors and business owners.  Investors are seeing an upturn in business activities and demand for premises and can see now is the time to invest in new projects.  And business owners too are generally feeling more confident and are seeing the benefit of building their own premises both as a way of getting a building that suits their business and as an investment.

It’s not only us who are seeing a positive lift in activity. The construction industry as a whole is very active. You can see by just driving around either the Gold Coast or Brisbane how many projects are under construction. There’s a lot of construction happening around the place with cranes up everywhere.

One measure that is used to monitor the health of the construction industry is the Crane Index with Q2 2016 showing strength in the industry.

The index, which tracks the number of cranes in the key mainland cities within Australia, has risen by 145% since the commencement of the Crane Index in Q4 2013.

The survey shows significant growth on the Gold Coast with a number of projects going on in both residential and commercial. All of this shows that now’s a great time to start your next project. A growing market is often the best time, especially at this stage in the cycle!

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Distribution Centre

Distribution Centre is Taking Shape for Our Client Yuen’s

Yuen’s Fruit and Veg in Mermaid Waters approached us back in November to design and build a new purpose-built wholesale distribution centre.

Their wholesale division had out grown their current premises, next to their retail store. They have experienced a great deal of demand from local businesses, cafes, restaurants, aged care centres and government departments and they expect that to continue.

They were looking to move to larger premises in an industrial area. They wanted a building that would give them exactly what they needed to setup the business, so they had the right capacity and it was setup so they could operate efficiently.

The best way to achieve this is by designing and building your own purpose built premises, and that is what they decided to do. They came to us and we worked together to design a building that was going to give them exactly what they needed.

  • First we reviewed their land options and helped them select the best block of land that both gave us the space to build what we needed and gave us good access points.
  • Then we sat down with the owner to find out exactly what they needed in the building to give them the capacity they needed, and for them to be able to operate as efficiently as possible.

We helped them locate a good site in Burleigh. We then designed and started to build a 1,800m² shed that has a huge refrigeration unit and cool rooms.  It has a covered loading dock where deliveries can be driven straight into the cool room, helping to keep all the produce fresher and making unloading and loading more efficient.

The new facilities will increase their capacity tenfold, meaning they can improve range, efficiency and service.
Completion and handover is set for May this year. Check out the latest photos from the project below, and keep an eye on our blog for more updates.

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