Thinking About Managing Your Own Construction?

Sometimes people will decide to manage their own construction process as they think they’ll be able to save money.

But often this isn’t the case and in reality it actually costs more money.  This is because of the time that they have to put in to make it work and probably the lack of knowledge about the process that you have to go through – from design through approval, through the construction, and then completion.

The time they’ll need to invest will be huge and this will be time away from other activities.

  • If you’re a business owner, that’s time away from your business
  • If you’re an investor, that’s time away from managing your investments

And because you’re not an expert it’s going to take you longer and you’re going to make more mistakes, often very costly mistakes.

Time and time again over the years we’ve ended up with jobs that are in a mess because the client has tried to manage the project themselves.

Would you try and manage the construction of your next car before you bought it? No, you wouldn’t.  You’d leave it to the experts.  And that’s what you should do here too!

It is a complex process that you are much better finding an expert who can manage the process for you.  Ideally you want to find a builder who will manage the whole project for you.

What we provide to the clients at Clarke’s is one point of contact.  We manage the whole project from design to completion. Clients only deal with or talk to us.  They don’t have to go through the trouble of dealing with a lot of different consultants, council approvals, builders or tradespeople; we do everything for them.

It saves them time and always works out cheaper.  Clients only need one phone number.  They only need to ring us to find out how the job is going.  They deal with us, and we can give them all the answers, they’ll know exactly where they are at with the job.

Typically, if someone was looking for a block of industrial land, and then said “We want to build a thousand square meter factory”, we’ll take it from there.  We’ll do some preliminary planning for them including some sketches and some images, so they can see what they are going to get.  If they are happy to move forward, we take them through the DA process or the BA process.

The clients are involved in all decision making while we provide them with all the information.

This saves client’s hours and hours of time – all the legwork is done by us.  And then once the plan is approved by them, we take it forward through the DA and BA process, right through the construction to completion.  So, they are not worrying about going out to tender and worrying about different trades and all of those complexities.  They literally just leave it in our hands.

We get all the final sign offs, as far as the Certificate of Occupancy done, so that clients can move straight into the building.  We even do all the gardens, the fencing and landscaping.

The main comment we get from our clients is they never thought it was going to be so easy to build a building.  They are also pleased with the fact that we’ve helped them through every step of the way, helping them with all the decision making.

If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you, or if you have any questions, please call on 1300 11 25 11.

Another Great Project Completed – Hemisphere Living

Retail Design at Industrial Prices!

We’ve just completed our latest project for Hemisphere Living, a well known furniture retailer on the Gold Coast.

The new building boasts a generous 600m2 showroom with a warehouse measuring 400m2, nearly 5 times the size of their current one.

The building is situated on a prominent corner of Siganto Drive, Helensvale.

I think you will agree with us, that the finished construction looks fantastic.  Make sure that you check out the photos below ….